Page management

Clone a page

The easiest and quickest way of creating pages is to clone an existing page with the most appropriate layout you want to replicate in the new page.

Choose the page > Clone

Page will be saved as Draft

Quick edit to change the title > select Published status 

Edit with Muffin Live to replace the content of cloned page to new one.

Create a new page

Make a use of organisation system with Wicked Folders

Create new or Select appropriate folder > Add new page

1. Add title > 2. Publish

Before 3rd step "Publish" > Scroll down to choose layout for the page: Full, Left, Right


3. Edit with Muffin Live (Visual page editor)

Start creating by adding wrap layout full or columns

Adding blocks - Most block are self explanatory and easy to manage

Drag it into place and observe left sidebar for content editor:

Select the layer you want to edit eg. Wrapper layer may need a background colour:

Add content eg. Text or image making use of the tool bar to style the content